Monday, May 18, 2009


Hi, my name is Angel, I didn't always live at Miracles Sudan riding center, I started my life as a race horse at the Khartoum equestrian club , but I wasn't very good at it. Oh, I was a good runner alright. I just didn't enjoy it; I didn't have the right attitude. I'm not the ambitious type, I was quite happy running with the crowd….let me put it another way....not all dogs are kept for the same purpose....some are good for hunting, others are good at guarding and yet others are just kept as family pets, normally because they're a faithful companion and good with kids. Well if I was a dog (which thank god I'm not) I would fit in the last category perfectly.I am a very special horse (my human JA tells everybody so). My specialty is working with disabled children, in my humans Hippo therapy program.She's the one giving me a kiss…the things I have to put up with sometimes!!!

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