Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi from Sudan, my name is Twylight.......

Hi my name is Twylight. I was badly abused and mistreated befor I came to Miracles Sudan riding center.
I had been brought by a young boy who thought he knew how to ride. When he brought me I was very young and had never been riden befor. Because he tried to ride me so young it damaged my back, and now my back has a permanent dip in it.
I didn't like being ridden because I was frightened,confused and my back hurt. So I tried to through the boy of and he would beet me. I became so agressive, that he was too frightened to ride me. His friends tried to ride me and I would kick them and bite them. I had become, through no fault of my own, a very dangerous horse.
Then one day a very kind looking man (JAs husband Yassin) came to see me, I still wasn't sure I trusted him, and thank God, at least I didn't kick him . He gave my then owner some money and
thats how I came to Miracles Sudan riding center.
After a lot of tender love and slow gently training, I have come to see humans in a different light. I am not afriad anymore, infact I actually welcome the companionship of a gently rider on my back. I also enjoy working with the disabled children of Sudan that attend the hippotherapy program at the farm.
I feel they had a bad start in life just like I did, and if riding on me helps them even in some small way, it makes my life worth living.

Hi I am Nejwa.....

Hi my name is Nejwa. I wasn't rescued from neglect or abuse like most of the horses at Miracles Sudan riding center. I was given as a gift, by a very kind lady who knew how much I would enjoy living on the farm and helping the disabled children of Sudan by working in the hippotherapy program that is run by our human JA.
I also work in the riding school, helping with teaching the young children how to ride. The children love riding me, and I love eating the carrots after the lesson.
I also enjoy jumping so I work with adult riders too.
You could say that I am very versitile, and I feel I am a valuable (horse) member of Miracles Sudan riding center.